A Definitive Guide: Agent Yoru

Yoru Agent on gradient background

Yoru holding a spectre on a white transparent background

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Released by Riot Games just earlier this year, Agent Yoru has quickly become one of the most popular Valorant characters— he really is just as cool as he sounds.

The character is a Japanese native, and like a lot of the other Valorant agents, his name perfectly encompasses his amazing abilities.

Yoru means “night” in Japanese and a lot of Yoru’s abilities are perfect for stealthily sneaking into enemy territory.

Of course, there is so much more you can do with this agent! So that you can get the most with Yoru as your main, we listed down all the best tips and tricks into one Valorant Yoru Guide.


A Valorant Yoru Guide: Understanding Yoru’s Role

Yoru is a Radiant duelist. This means he is one of a group of individuals that was granted supernatural abilities during the First Light event (part of the Valorant lore).

As one of the duelists, Yoru’s role and playstyle very much lean towards a lurking agent. This means he’s a vital player for disrupting opponents and acquiring information on the enemy.


Even though Valorant players have gone into an uproar on Yoru being too overpowering, his true strength isn’t at all about playing with brute force.

Seriously, guys – brute force ain’t everything.

The difference between Agent Yoru and other duelist lurking agents in the game is the kit of powers available to Yoru that doesn’t involve abilities that directly attack or damage opponents.

With the ability to appear behind enemy lines amongst many other skills, playing Agent Yoru means playing rather aggressively, but also deceptively.

Let’s take a closer look at Yoru’s abilities.

Yoru’s Abilities

His specific abilities are based on his power to rip holes straight through reality. All of them must be equipped BEFORE you can use them.

Using Yoru’s basic abilities are a great way to deceive and confuse enemies to the advantage of your team.


1) Fakeout

This basic ability will cost you 100 creds, and is generally great for distracting enemies and adding to the overall background noise and chaos.

Yoru using "Fakeout" to hide his location from the enemy


Using It In Game:

Once fakeout is cast and activated, an echo mimicking a player’s footsteps moves forward in the direction it’s set at.

You can also cast a few fakeout echos in different places, and then activate them simultaneously to mimic the sound of many agents.

The fakeout echo lasts for about 10 seconds.



  • Once cast, the echo will remain in place indefinitely until activated.
  • Primary Fire will automatically place and deploy echo for quick setups.
  • The footsteps’ positioning and direction can be easily adjusted using Alt Fire.



  • The footsteps only move forward in one direction.
  • The echo will stop even before its 10 seconds are up if it collides with any vertical terrain such as a wall.


2) Blindside

This is a flash ability that involves throwing frags at a solid surface. It will detonate upon bouncing off a surface and blind anyone in its way.

Yoru using flashbang to clear the way for his team


Using It In Game:

Agent Yoru can use blindside to distract and disable enemies during a push or use it to escape dangerous situations.

However, just like other flash abilities in the game, its effectiveness is reduced by distance and which direction players might be facing.

Also, if it does not hit any solid surface, the frag will continue to drift and eventually disappear.



  • It’s quick to equip and use.
  • Because it detonates after bouncing off a surface, it can appear to come out of nowhere to surprise your enemies.



  • It requires a hard surface to bounce off of.
  • This will cost you 250 creds.


3) Signature Ability: Gatecrash

This signature ability of Yoru is the reason many players deemed him to be overpowering upon his initial game release.

It’s pretty much too easy for him to get around any of the Valorant maps and behind enemy lines with this ability in his kit.

Yoru using his FootSteps ability to fake out an enemy


Using It In Game:

To use gatecrash, you must first equip the ability to harness a rift tether onto Yoru. This will allow Yoru to teleport anywhere on the map.

As amazing as this sounds, the results speak for themselves. And most players new to Yoru’s signature ability need to understand the downsides to it too, as we listed in the “Cons” below.

While active, the tether is invisible and silent to other players up until a certain distance. This allows Yoru to stealthily and literally gatecrash into enemy ground.

However, you can only use it again after about 40 seconds. Unless controlled or setup differently with Alt Fire, Yoru will travel directly forward.



  • Yoru can use this ability throughout the map as many times as you want (after its cooldown period).
  • You can move in one direction for up to 30 seconds.
  • A great ability for both defensive and offensive tactics— it’s perfect for scouting, escaping from, and attacking other players.



  • This might be difficult to use at first and you could end up in a part of the map you might not want to be in.
  • Travel speed slows down if you hit vertical terrain.


4) Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Drift

This ability only requires 6 ult points and involves Agent Yoru putting on a mask (a cool-looking mask).

With the mask on, Yoru is invincible for a certain amount of time.

Yoru in his ultimate spotting out the enemy players


Using It In Game:

As its name suggests, when using dimensional drift, Yoru drifts into a different dimension so that he can travel freely without being harmed by enemies.

While other players can see Yoru in close proximity, they can’t attack him and vice versa.

It’s the ultimate move for Yoru to escape a sticky situation or to sneakily attack another character from behind.


  • Yoru can still activate gatecrash in tandem with dimensional drift, as long as you’ve already placed a tether beforehand.
  • Once activated, Yoru is completely intangible to others.



  • The ability lasts for only 9 seconds and gives off an audio queue upon deactivation, so be sure of your plan of attack before deploying it.
  • Your vision and audio are automatically dampened for these 9 seconds.


Yoru Attack & Defense Tactics

Yoru agent on black and red background


Despite not having more abilities that can cause damage, we’d say Yoru is one of the more well-balanced duelists released by Riot Games on Valorant.

Yoru fits perfectly into any team strategy be it for team attacks or defense. These are a few of the many ways Yoru mains use his abilities to turn the game around in their team’s favor.


1) Scouring The Map

With gatecrash, Yoru can take advantage of pretty much any map in the game. This is a great way for you to pick out great vantage points for you and your team.

Generally, it would also be great to play Yoru at the very front, way ahead of your teammates during a push on enemy ground.

However, don’t be reckless about it either. Losing trades early on can spell serious trouble, especially if you’re against players who are familiar with his abilities.

This way you can alert them of any opponents they might run into or get rid of any threats beforehand.

Even if you are caught off guard by enemies, you can quickly flash them with Yoru’s blindside for a bit more time to escape.


2) Revealing Enemy Locations

Knowing the map and the opposing players’ locations will always give you an advantage in Valorant.

Using either Yoru’s gatecrash or dimensional drift, you can discover enemy locations while remaining undetected.

This is great for your team trying to infiltrate your enemy’s territory or ambush them on a push.

If you have enough uses for your abilities, you can even use Yoru to take them out by yourself, one by one.


3) Distracting Enemies

Besides using fakeout, Yoru’s other abilities also involve loud and distracting sounds upon their activation and deactivation that can confuse other players.

When used effectively, blindside will also distract your opponents long enough so you can stealthily get right behind them and attack while they are still dazed.

And at the very least, these noises will put them on edge and add to the chaotic Valorant background noise.


4) Kill Undetected

If you haven’t already noticed, Yoru is one of the greatest characters in Valorant to get creative kills with.

Aside from what we already mentioned, there are several sneaky options when using Yoru’s abilities for great kills.

  • For example, you could use fakeout to lure your enemies right where you want them and take your shot.
  • You could also flash enemies and then ambush them with your teammates.


You can watch this video to see how other players come up with more creative kills with Yoru. Of course, all of these tips only go so far if you aren’t the greatest at aiming your shots.


A Guide to First-Round Buys

At the start of the round, it would be a good idea to buy Ghost, light armor and a couple of basic abilities. It’s a great idea to gatecrash your way through, get the first kills, and escape right away.

Blindsides are a great buy because you can bounce them off the ground or wall and do some peeking.

You could honestly do without fakeout during the pistol rounds of the game, but it depends on how creative you want to get.

Take note that weapons with longer range should be at the bottom of your priority list with Yoru. This is because you can easily close distances undetected to take your shots.



Duelist Agent Yoru is a great addition to the Valorant game character lineup, and we can easily see why many players made the switch upon the release by Riot.

By checking out our Valorant Yoru Guide you can learn all the tips and tricks you need to make use of Yoru’s kit to climb up the ranks.

If you liked this guide, let us know. We’d also love to hear about your ideas on how to use Yoru for more quality team plays and kills!